Building a Brand Out of Thin Air

Sometimes the hardest part of building a new business venture for some people is the “Branding” aspect.  Branding your business is an integral part of the many foundations of a solid business platform.  Branding is merely one facet to one’s marketing campaign, and oftentimes sorely overlooked.  This is a key area that one cannot marginalize or fail to budget appropriately.  A business’s success or failure can ride on something as trivial as a poor logo design or the wrong color chosen.

We are going to examine a little insight behind Eco Mouse Industries branding campaign.

Sometimes the best ideas start as a “spark” or an “epiphany.”  That’s just the way this business was born.  However, it has been many years in the making and even tried in various small business forms.  Starting from a spare bedroom then later on moving into an actual office then a real workspace with store frontage.  But let’s not veer too far of track from the subject of Eco Mouse Industries.  This current opus of mine does have many years of experience behind the scenes leading up to the development, but the more focused ideal of what Eco Mouse has become was literally born only a few weeks ago from a simple “spark!” Continue reading

Time For Action, Not Words

This journey starts out much like other epic tales fraught with struggle, turmoil, determination and perseverance. Sprinkled with a bit of good fortune, uncanny timing and a sense of humor about life that ultimately leads to success. Not just for our solo intrepid adventurer, but for all of humanity. The only difference with this story, and all the others that preceded, this one will be told in real-time. The reader will share in all the toil as well as bask in the victories along the way.

The time is now, and the story unfolds as fast as the virtual keys on the iPad will allow. From humble beginnings, we will embark on a journey to help mankind reach its ultimate destiny… An Energy Revolution!

My name is Eco Mouse, and one could say that this story is 35 years in the making. It seems that all my past experiences and life paths that I have followed have led to this one invitable conclusion. I am supposed to be here, and this is my calling. Continue reading