Time For Action, Not Words

This journey starts out much like other epic tales fraught with struggle, turmoil, determination and perseverance. Sprinkled with a bit of good fortune, uncanny timing and a sense of humor about life that ultimately leads to success. Not just for our solo intrepid adventurer, but for all of humanity. The only difference with this story, and all the others that preceded, this one will be told in real-time. The reader will share in all the toil as well as bask in the victories along the way.

The time is now, and the story unfolds as fast as the virtual keys on the iPad will allow. From humble beginnings, we will embark on a journey to help mankind reach its ultimate destiny… An Energy Revolution!

My name is Eco Mouse, and one could say that this story is 35 years in the making. It seems that all my past experiences and life paths that I have followed have led to this one invitable conclusion. I am supposed to be here, and this is my calling.

It all started at an early age, raised by only my father for a short time until his death, he instilled certain values and characteristics that ultimately shaped who I am, and who I will ultimately become. I did not have a typical childhood, as one could say I was raised in an “Alternative Environment.” Whether is was alternative health remedies, living the granola lifestyle to his circle of friends who lived under the radar, or off the grid in some way. From producing their own fuel to pedal powered toasters. My father skated a line of normalcy for my sake, but deep down I knew he hated “The Man” and anything else that imposed some kind of control over him. While this story isn’t really about him, but serves as a conduit as to which I’ve come full circle with my thoughts and feelings about life, religion, philosophy, government and society.
While I’m a fairly normal mouse, grew up later with a somewhat normal surrogate family, much like your own. My inclination for tinkering, inventing and challenging authority and the status quo nonetheless spurned on by my father’s early influence has remained. Which brings us to today and the start of an epic tale reminiscent of the phoenix rising out of the ashes.

Truly, this is a time for action and not words. We don’t need anymore false hopes and empty promises by our so-called leaders. If we want our country to be great again, we need to turn our attention inward and build upon the success of our relatives and ancestors. I’m talking about a nation of builders, tinkerers, inventors, thinkers and doers. You know what made our nation great several times throughout our short and illustrious history? It was manufacturing, building and inventing. Just look to our recent technological rise from out of our World War II factories to the great Space Race between two super powers. We did those great things because we wanted to, we did them because we could. Now what is our current generation’s legacy going to look like? We invented the internet, and outsourced nearly every job any able body American would have taken. If we didn’t outsource, we over regulated and mismanaged some of our greatest assets as a nation; our self-reliance and independence.

But what’s a mouse to do? I’m not wealthy, the government controls everything, and their grip on the status quo isn’t going to let up anytime soon. But I do have ideas… Just like most Americans. But dreams and aspirations are nothing without action. Ah, but you say that you’ve got great ideas, but ultimately a lack of resources keeps them on the shelf. Maybe you fear no one will listen, like people who have resources and want to capitalize on a great idea. Well, that is where this story begins, just an idea that found its way onto paper to becoming a polished goal that is as every bit as real as I want it to be. As I type this, I’m currently unemployed and have about $300 to my name that I made from a few freelance design jobs I recently completed. However my current situation has nothing to do with where I am going or what I need to attract to get there. All I know is that this world needs more mice of action, and at this point, I’ve literally got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Plus make the world a better place, one mouse at a time!

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